Health and Productivity Management Declaration

We regard the enhancement of health as one of our most important management issues.
In order to energize our organization and achieve the sustained improvement of our corporate value, we have formulated the “Health and Productivity Management Declaration.”
We will strive to develop the workplace environment and promote various health management measures in order to provide a supportive work environment where employees and their families can enhance their own health awareness and work in good mental and physical health.

1st April, 2022
Nippon Pillar Packing co.,Ltd.
President Yoshinobu Iwanami

Mental Health Care Initiatives

In order to create a vibrant workplace, mental health--not simply physical health--is an important issue.
We not only address mental health issues, but also work to promote mental health through measures like revitalizing communication in the workplace. In addition to working towards the early detection of and response to problems faced by employees through a one-stop system of industrial physicians, counselors, and the human resources department, we also utilize the services of external EAP (Employee Assistance Program) organizations to support the return to work of employees on leave and prevent recurrence of similar problems.

Health Management Initiatives

To maintain and enhance the health of our employees, we ensure that 100% of them undergo health examinations. In addition, we have a system in place to promote secondary health examinations, and we are also committed to encouraging those who have not yet received health examinations to do so through collaboration with the health insurance union.

Work-Life Balance Initiatives

The health of each and every employee, both mentally and physically, and an awareness of work-life balance and a fulfilled life are the foundation for a vibrant work environment at the Company, which in turn leads to the vitality of the Company. To accomplish this, we are working on a variety of health measures such as remote work, setting one day a week for employees to leave the office at their regular clock-out time, and introducing a flextime system.

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