Medium-term Management Plan “BTvision22”

Growth scenario for the 100th anniversary of the Company

The Company commenced its new three-year medium-term management plan, “BTvision22” (Breakthrough Vision 22) in fiscal 2020. The name “BTvision22” carries the meaning of leaping forward by breaking through all types of preconceptions (in processes, technological development and costs) in order to work toward sustained enhancement of corporate value in the midst of rapidly changing market conditions.

The medium-term management plan “BTvision22” was launched in April 2020 and incorporates the following five basic policies:

  • (1) Enhancing business infrastructure
  • (2) Achieving further globalization
  • (3) Creating new businesses
  • (4) Promoting ESG/SDGs management
  • (5) Financial strategy
  • (1) Enhancing business infrastructure

    In the electronic equipment business, the Company strengthened its production system through activities to improve defective rates and shorten lead times for the semiconductor market, where demand is expected to grow, and made aggressive capital investments.
    In the industrial equipment business, the Sanda Factory, which went into full operation in March 2020, is promoting automation using AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) and the use of ICT such as RFID (Identification and Management System using IC tags and short-range wireless communication) to promote automation and labor saving.

  • (2) Achieving further globalization

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were put in a difficult situation including international travel restrictions. However, China quickly succeeded in implementing effective countermeasures against COVID-19, so we established Pillar Technology (Chuzhou) Co., Ltd. to strengthen our response to the expanding Chinese market.

  • (3) Creating new businesses

    In response to the demands of the times, such as 5G, hydrogen power generation, and decarbonization, we will strive to create products that utilize our unique technologies with the keyword“new” in the words of new products, new markets, and new applications. We aim to create the third and fourth pillars of our business, following our electronic and industrial equipment businesses.
    In addition, we will build a technology development center in Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture, and promote open innovation with an eye on future markets, in order to incorporate advanced technologies and create new innovations.

  • (4) Promoting ESG/SDGs management

    In addition to ensuring that all employees are aware of the ESG/SDGs through the establishment of our ESG/SDG Promotion Committee and internal training, we recognize that the promotion of diversity is essential for the sustainable growth of our Company and will further focus on promoting the activities of women. We will also continue to strengthen our corporate governance and raise awareness of compliance by revising the Group Code of Conduct.

  • (5) Financial strategy

    In terms of shareholder returns, a key management issue, we were able to achieve a dividend payout ratio of 30.3% compared to our target of 30% or more.
    We will continue to aim for a stable, continuous, and improved level of returns by balancing investment in growth.

  • Results and Plan

    (Unit: Million Yen)
    BTvision19 BTvision22
    FYE March 31, 2020 Actual results at FYE March 31, 2021 Actual results at FYE March 31, 2022 Final fiscal year outlook at FYE March 31, 2023
    ❬Final fiscal year actual results❭
    Sales 29,213 30,200 40,670 44,000
    Operating income 3,683 4,847 11,392 11,800
    Operating income ratio 12.6% 16.1% 28.0% 26.8%
    ROE 6.2% 7.8% 16.8% 8.0% or higher
    Payout ratio 36.8% 34.6% 30.3% 30.0% or higher
    Amount of capital investment (Three-year cumulative)
    972 992 2,000
    (Three-year cumulative)
  • By segment

    Electronic equipment business
    Sales 18,221 20,645 30,410 33,200
    Operating income 2,253 4,130 9,737 10,000
    Industrial equipment business
    Sales 10,915 9,471 10,146 10,800
    Operating income 1,404 691 1,589 1,800
  • Progress of BTvision22 activities

    Electronic equipment business Industrial equipment business
    Achievements during FYE March 31, 2021
    • Attained the Minister's Cetificate of Commendation for seismic isolation sliding bearings
    • Established a production system in response to increased demand for semiconductors
    • Developed antenna substrates for 5G data centers
    • Realization of automated production and labor saving with the introduction of AGV and RFID
    • Marketing activities to enter new markets
    • Started construction of the technology development center
    Achievements during FYE March 31, 2022
    • Launched new type fitting "Sweep Elbow" contributing to low pressure loss and energy saving
    • Started to construct the Fukuchiyama Second Factory
    • Improved the yield rate and productivity through improvement activities
    • Obtained the New Minister's Certificate of Commendation for rigid sliding bearings
    • Proposed and experimentally manufactured an antenna PCB for 5G
    • Expanded our sales of mechanical seal products for precision machinery and equipment
    • Delivered products to device manufacturers in the hydrogen markets, and also implemented experimental manufacturing and promoted proposals
    • Experimentally manufactured resin fittings for mass production markets
    • Strengthened sales and support capabilities by integrating sales subsidiaries
    Action plan in the final fiscal year
    • Further improving cost competitiveness and supply capacity through defect rate reduction activities
    • Starting a production line at Pillar Technology (Chuzhou) Co., Ltd. to manufacture products for semiconductor markets
    • Expanding our business areas in the semiconductor markets and increasing the market share
    • Further enhance production facilities for semiconductor manufacturing devices
    • Develop new products in industry-government-academia collaboration
    • Increasing our global market share of mass-produced products for automobile markets
    • Strengthen global strategies that include expanding into the Chinese market.
    • Increasing our market share of mechanical seal products for precision machinery and equipment
    • Establishing a system for strengthening our repair parts business
    • Developing seal products for the clean market (for providing clean products for people and environments)

    Growth Investment

    Capital investment under Each Medium-Term Management Plan(including software , etc.)

    Shareholder Returns

    Profit per Share / Dividend / Payout ratio

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