Policy on Diversity Management

We believe that new ideas can be created by diverse human resources, and we have been focusing on promoting diversity. We will continue to respect diversity and aim for sustainable corporate growth by creating more opportunities for women to play an active role, developing new products based on new ideas reflecting different values through the active appointment of non-Japanese personnel, and developing an internal system that allows people with disabilities to play an active role.
Specifically, in addition to our initiatives so far, we will set targets and an action plan for diversity and implement measures to enable diverse people to bring their personalities and capabilities into full play.

Promotion of Women to Managerial Posts

We are vigorously promoting female participation and career advancement. In the Group, the numbers of female employees assigned to engineering departments, overseas sites, and managerial posts have increased and the opportunities for women to demonstrate their talents are expanding.

In June 2021, our first female outside director assumed office. With the aim of increasing the percentage of female managers to 5% in 2025 and to 10% in 2030, we will continue to support career development of women and networking of female employees in the Group to create opportunities for women to thrive at work. (The percentage of female managers was 2.9% in 2022.)

We are encouraging the participation and advancement of our female workforce and supporting the involvement of our male employees in childcare through a childcare leave system. The percentage of eligible male employees who took childcare leave in fiscal 2021 was 0%, so to reach and maintain a percentage of 13% or more from fiscal 2022 on, we will use e-learning to promote the system and cultivate a workplace environment that is fully supportive of childcare.

2022 (result)* Target for 2025 Target for 2030
2.9% 5% 10%

*As of April 1

Promotion of Mid-career Professionals to Managerial Posts

We are vigorously hiring mid-career professionals to promote diversity of human resources, including managers, engineers with expertise in core technology, and people cable of flourishing in an international environment. At present, mid-career professionals account for about 40% of managers at Nippon Pillar Packing. We intend to maintain this level by continued hiring of mid-career professionals.

Hiring of Non-Japanese and People with Disabilities

To introduce more diversity, we are proactive in employment of foreign nationals and people with disabilities. We aim to continue hiring of both new graduates and mid-career professionals who are non-Japanese and employment of people with disabilities exceeding the statutory employment rate for the disabled.

Diversity Management Initiatives

Items Major initiatives
Support for diverse workstyles Flextime
No-overtime day
System for switching between the career track and the specialist track
Encouraging employees to take childcare leave (100% usage rate for female employees)
Reduced working hours system for employees after childcare leave
Encouraging male employees to take childcare leave
Benefits Subsidies for fees for nursery schools and babysitter services (cafeteria plan)
Infertility treatment subsidy (cafeteria plan)
Long-term care subsidy (cafeteria plan)
System for reserving annual paid leave for future use for childcare or long-term care (system for reserving expired unused paid leave)
Workplace environment Discussion of promotion of diversity at the CSR Committee
Holding of an exchange meeting with female career-track employees from head office
Hiring Vigorous participation in recruitment events for international students
Vigorous employment of people with disabilities in administration at head office

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