Directors and Executive Officers

Corporate Officers

Chairman & CEO / Kiyohisa Iwanami

Chairman & CEOKiyohisa Iwanami

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Aug. 1978 Joined the Company
Feb. 1985 Managing Director
Aug. 1987 Executive Vice President
Jun. 1989 President
Jun. 2007 President and Executive Officer
Jun. 2020 Chairman & CEO (current)
President / Yoshinobu Iwanami

PresidentYoshinobu Iwanami

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Jun. 2010 Joined the Company
Executive Officer
Jun. 2012 Director
Jun. 2014 Managing Executive Officer
Jun. 2018 Senior Executive Officer
General Manager, Sales Headquarters
Jun. 2020 President (current)
President and Executive Officer (current)
Director, Senior Executive Officer / Ikuo Hoshikawa

Director, Senior Executive OfficerIkuo Hoshikawa

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Jun. 2010 Executive Officer
Jun. 2014 Managing Executive Officer
Mar. 2016 General Manager, Sanda Factory (current)
Jun. 2016 Director (current)
In charge of Engineering/Production Division (current)
Apr. 2018 General Manager, Production Headquarters
Jun. 2018 Senior Executive Officer (current)
Director, Senior Executive Officer / Katsuhiko Shukunami

Director, Senior Executive OfficerKatsuhiko Shukunami

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May 2014 Joined the Company
General Manager, Corporate Planning Department (current)
Jun. 2014 Director (current)
Executive Officer
Jun. 2016 Managing Executive Officer
Mar. 2017 General Manager, Security Trade Control Department
General Manager, Information System Department
Jun. 2018 General Manager, Administration Headquarters (current)
Jun. 2020 Senior Executive Officer (current)
Outside Director / Yoshinori Suzuki

Outside DirectorYoshinori Suzuki

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Apr. 1975 Joined OMRON Tateisi Electronics Co.
(now OMRON Corporation)
Jun. 2003 Executive Officer
Jun. 2006 Managing Executive Officer
Apr. 2013 Senior Managing Executive Officer
Jun. 2013 CFO and Senior Managing Director
Apr. 2014 Visiting Professor, Doshisha Business School (current)
Jun. 2014 Representative Director, Vice President and CFO, OMRON Corporation
Jun. 2018 Outside Director, SENQCIA CORPORATION (current)
Jun. 2019 Outside Director of the Company (current)
Outside Director / Junichi Komamura

Outside DirectorJunichi Komamura

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Apr. 1973 Joined Mitsubishi Corporation
Apr. 1996 President, Miteni, a portfolio company of Mitsubishi Corporation (Italy)
Aug. 2003 Executive Officer, Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2004 Director, Managing Executive Officer and Head of Corporate Planning
Apr. 2005 Senior Managing Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer
Nov. 2005 Representative Director and Managing Executive Officer
Oct. 2006 Representative Director and President
Mar. 2012 Member of the Board, AnGes, Inc. (current)
Jun. 2020 Outside Director of the Company (current)
Outside Director, TOKAI BUSSAN CO., LTD. (current)
Director (Audit & Supervisory Committee member) Kazuhiro Maruoka

Director (Audit & Supervisory Committee member)Kazuhiro Maruoka

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Jul. 2009 Joined the Company
Mar. 2011 General Manager, Accounting & Financial Department
Jun. 2018 Director (Full-Time Audit & Supervisory Committee member) (current)
Outside Director (Audit & Supervisory Committee member) / Kazumitsu Takaya

Outside Director (Audit & Supervisory Committee member)Kazumitsu Takaya

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Mar. 1989 Registered as a certified public accountant
Aug. 1992 Registered as a certified public tax accountant
Mar. 2004 Established Takaya CPA Office
Dec. 2004 Representative Partner, Nexus Audit Corporation (current)
Jun. 2016 Outside Director, HIRANO TECSEED Co., Ltd. (Audit & Supervisory Committee member) (current)
Jun. 2019 Outside Director of the Company (Audit & Supervisory Committee member) (current)
Outside Director (Audit & Supervisory Committee member) / Kyoko Kobayashi

Outside Director (Audit & Supervisory Committee member)Kyoko Kobayashi

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Apr. 1999 Registered as an attorney at law
Joined Irokawa Law Office (currently Irokawa Legal Professional Corporation)
Sep. 2009 Seconded to Legal Affairs Office, Sharp Corporation
Sep. 2014 Returned to Irokawa Law Office
Jan. 2018 Partner at Irokawa Law Office
Feb. 2018 Outside Auditor of Kawakami Pain Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (current)
Jan. 2020 Partner of Irokawa Legal Professional Corporation (current)
Jun. 2020 Outside Director of Mitsubishi Logisnext Co., Ltd. (current)
Jun. 2021 Outside Director of the Company (Audit & Supervisory Committee member) (current)

Executive Skills Matrix

Name Corporate management Production/
Sales Overseas
Legal affairs
Kiyohisa Iwanami
Yoshinobu Iwanami
Ikuo Hoshikawa
Katsuhiko Shukunami
Yoshinori Suzuki
Junichi Komamura
Kazuhiro Maruoka
Kazumitsu Takaya
Kyoko Kobayashi

Executive Officers (Excluding Directors)

Managing Executive Officer Junji Ohmiya Managing Executive Officer, General Manager, Sales Headquarters, Sales Dept3 and Overseas Div.
Managing Executive Officer Sadamitsu Yamauchi Managing Executive Officer, Process Dept., Seismic Isolation Headquarters
Executive Officer Masaki Miyamoto Executive Officer, General Manager, 1st Sales Dept., Sales Headquarters, Sales Engineering Dept.
Executive Officer Masato Wada General Manager, Engineering Headquarters
Executive Officer Masaki Shibaike General Manager, Production Headquarters

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