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We have expanded the market as a comprehensive manufacturer of fluid control seals, such as gland packing, gaskets, and mechanical seals, for various types of industrial equipment. Leveraging our expertise in sealing and materials, we offer products incorporating cutting-edge technologies for diverse fields—everything from semiconductor production and seismic isolation to IT, attuned to the needs of the era and fulfilling essential roles across industry.

Two Business Segments Supporting Industries Worldwide

Electronic Equipment Business

The electronic equipment business is specialized in the high-tech market and focuses particularly on the semiconductor, LCD and medical industries. Fittings, pumps and other components made from fluororesin, which offers high chemical resistance, heat resistance, and cleanliness, are not affected by a diverse range of liquid chemicals, and this allows them to be used in silicon wafer cleaning.

Industrial Equipment Business

The industrial equipment business primarily handles mechanical seal products, which control fluid from rotating equipment like centrifugal pumps that supply fluids, gland packing products, which are used as seal materials for valve stem components, and gasket products, which go between pipes.

Our Products in Use in Diverse Fields

Semiconductor cleaning equipment


Structure fitted with
seismic isolators

Seismic isolator/slide bearing

Fluororesin antenna substrates

Fluororesin antenna substrates


Gland packing / Gaskets




Mechanical seals

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