Privacy policy

1. Basic policy

Nippon Pillar Packing Co., Ltd.(hereafter to be referred to as "This company") will stipulate the privacy policy as shown below in accordance with the [Law concerning the protection of personal information](law #57 established in 2003)(hereafter to be referred to as "Personal Information Protection law") from view point of personal information protection, deeply recognize that the personal information is an important information, and think that the protection of personal information is a social responsibility, to cope with the followings.

2. Purposes to gain/utilize personal information

This company will strive to gain the personal information, using proper and fair means within the range of which purpose to fulfill the work is obvious and within the limit to achieve the purpose.

As to handling of personal information, this company will not utilize the personal information out of range of pre-designated utilization purpose.


  • - To fulfill the contractual responsibilities to a partner company
  • - To develop better products and services
  • - To communicate useful information to a partner company
  • - To fulfill any other proper purposes

3. Provision of personal information to the third party

This company will not disclose or provide the personal information to the third party unless it is so agreed by the principal except when it is legally stipulated and when there is a due reason.

When the personal information is consigned to the third party, this company will let the consigner execute the proper control such as safety control of personal information, maintenance of confidentiality, prohibition of re-consignment, etc.

4. Control system of personal information

This company will appoint a responsible person at each section or organization handling such personal information, for protection of personal information, to execute the proper control.

This company will conduct the proper and reasonable safety measures to the personal information possessed by this company, for prevention of dangers such as illegal access to the personal information, loss, alteration, leak, etc. of personal information.

5. Maintenance and Improvement of Personal Information

In order to ensure the proper handling of the personal information of its partner companies, the Company will provide necessary education to its personnel whose duties involve the handling of such information. The Company will also inspect whether or not personal information is being handled properly and, as necessary, will review and improve its efforts to protect personal information.

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