Mother Factories that Underpin Our Business

Our Group’s products are used as important functional components in a wide range of industrial fields, including semiconductors, electric power, petroleum and pharmaceuticals.
Since the specifications differ depending on the application, optimal design and production are required for each product.
Therefore, we secure the materials we need to manufacture internally what we require, and achieve higher quality products through in-house integrated production of all processes.

Sanda Factory

Located in Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture, the 43,000 m2 site is our mother factory, mainly producing mechanical seals and gland packing, and also has research and development functions. Our Sanda location was reborn as a state-of-theart, safe and environmentally friendly factory after undergoing its first renovation in 50 years. In addition to strengthening our competitiveness through automation and IT, we are working to further develop the technologies we have cultivated and to develop new products to meet the demands of the market.

Technology training center

Technology training center The technical training center provides training to acquire product knowledge for our employees, including new and mid-career hires. The center is also used as a place to learn practical techniques using actual equipment by inviting our sales partners, subcontractors, and distributors who handle our products.

Analysis center

Analysis center In addition to supporting the quality of our products as an in-house analysis facility, we also operate it as a place of learning where our engineers can learn analysis techniques. This enables us to provide services that meet the needs of our customers, such as the ability to perform appropriate analysis by the designers themselves, and the ability to respond quickly to various analysis requests through the consolidation and integration of analysis equipment. In addition, by accumulating a vast amount of analysis data, we are able to utilize it for long-term problem solving and product development.


Showroom In line with the renewal of the factory after almost 50 years, the showroom has been completely redesigned to strengthen our sales activities for customers who come to visit the factory. Starting with gland packing, the showroom is an impressive representation of how our business has expanded into various fields by focusing on new materials and providing products that meet the needs of the times. Many of the products on display can be actually touched and moved, making it easier for both professionals and the general public to understand the functions and effects of our products visually and experientially.

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Fukuchiyama Factory

With a site that measures about 39,000 m2 in Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture, our Fukuchiyama Factory produces PILAFLON products such as fittings and pumps mainly for semiconductor and LCD manufacturing equipment, as well as fine ceramics products such as silicon carbide (SiC). In order to keep up with rapidly evolving semiconductor technology, the factory also has a research and development department, and plays the role of the second mother factory.

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Kyushu Factory

With a site measuring approximately 18,000 m2, our Kyushu Factory is located in Koshi City, Kumamoto Prefecture. There we design, produce, and assemble products mainly for semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The factory is located in the Semicon Technopark in Kumamoto Prefecture, where the semiconductor industry is concentrated, and provides highquality products with a speedy production system to respond immediately to customer orders.

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