Mother Factories that Underpin Our Business

Our Group’s products are used as important functional components in a wide range of industrial fields, including semiconductors, electric power, petroleum and pharmaceuticals. Since the specifications differ depending on the application, optimal design and production are required for each product. Therefore, we secure the materials we need to manufacture internally what we require, and achieve higher quality products through in-house integrated production of all processes

Strength1 A Mother Factory That Provides Fluid Control Technology

Sanda Factory
Sanda Factory

 As our main factory, the Sanda Factory plays the role of a mother factory. It is responsible for producing sealing products for the industrial equipment market. These products include mechanical seals, gland packings, and gaskets. The factory also incorporates a research and development department. In March 2020, the factory was reopened as a state-of-the-art factory following extensive renovation work intended to improve productivity through a rationalized layout; expanded automation and mechanization; and the introduction of IoT. As part of this renovation, efforts were made to improve the working environment and safety; to implement a business continuity plan; and to improve visitors’ sense of trust and security through the addition of a technology training center, analysis center, and showroom.

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Strength2 An Agile Global Production System That Responds Quickly to
       Emerging Market Trends

Illustration of completed Fukuchiyama Second Factory
Illustration of completed Fukuchiyama Second Factory

Expanding production facilities to meet shifting demand  In order to respond to the ongoing increase in demand for products in the electronic equipment market, the Fukuchiyama Second Factory is scheduled for completion in September 2023. The factory is intended to increase production capacity by up to 80%; strengthen cost competitiveness through the construction of a new production system; comply with customers’ stringent quality requirements; and highlight our technology through its open concept design. It features an expansion zone capable of accommodating three more factories of the same size. We plan to use this space to expand our production capacity with a flexible approach.
 Moreover, this factory features an environment-friendly design, as it will incorporate solar power generation and energy-efficient equipment.

Pillar Technology (Chuzhou) /Nippon Pillar Corporation of America

Maintaining local production systems outside Japan  We are strengthening our facilities in the U.S.A. and China, where the market for products in the electronic equipment business segment is expected to expand. In the United States, we have set up a simple laboratory at our Fremont Office to accommodate the development needs of semiconductor equipment manufacturers. We also intend to expand the warehouse space to meet growing demand.
 In China, Pillar Technology (Chuzhou) Co., Ltd. has adopted the model of local production for local consumption in response to the demand for products for the electronic equipment market. By increasing the number of items produced and strengthening its production system, it is expanding its product lines as well as the quantities produced.

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Strength3 Advanced Production Facilities and Equipment

Automated Guided Vehicle

Promoting automation and the adoption of IoT   The Sanda Factory has introduced innovations such as automated guided vehicles (AGVs), automated guided forklifts (AGFs), radio frequency identification (RFID), and management systems employing short-range wireless communication with IC tags.
 By utilizing these improvements, we aim not only to reduce work loads but also to eliminate human error, reduce walking distances, and improve productivity while minimizing lead times through unmanned operation.

clean room

High-standard clean room  At the Fukuchiyama Factory, we have introduced a large-scale industrial clean room, which is a space intended to minimize airborne microparticles and microorganisms to a level of cleanliness that attains a specific standard in order to prevent contamination of surfaces with impurities and dust.
 Even fine dust remaining on the surface of electronic components presents a risk of malfunction. It is therefore extremely important to eliminate dust and other fine particles by employing high-performance filters and by eliminating static electricity. We will continue to meet the future needs of the market by equipping our facilities with clean rooms to meet the highest standards.

Technology training center/Show room

A facility that enhances the peace of mind and security of visitors  The technology training center at the Sanda Factory has prepared training programs not only for our employees, but also for our sales partners and partner companies. We have provided samples of pumps, valves, and other machines that enable visitors to expand their knowledge of our products through hands-on training while learning how to incorporate them in their operations.
 Our showroom is also available for customers who visit our factory. Here, they can gain more detailed information about our Company. We have also designed visual presentations for greater ease of understanding. By introducing applications in which our products are actually used as well as cutaway displays that clarify the structure of our products, we are creating opportunities for greater business development.

Seismic isolators・Slide bearing/Sanda Factory
Kyushu Factory
Kyushu Factory

Safe and environment-friendly design  As a safety measure against earthquakes, we have adopted seismic isolators of our own design at the new Sanda Factory, Fukuchiyama Factory, and Kyushu Factory.
 We are also working to obtain certification under the Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency (CASBEE) for our environment-friendly designs. Both the new Sanda Factory and the Sanda Innovation Center have acquired CASBEE-A certification, while the Fukuchiyama Second Factory has applied for CASBEE certification.
 In addition to acquiring these CASBEE certifications, we are adopting eco-friendly measures such as low-carbon enzymatic construction material (ECM) concrete and cubicles incorporating soybean oil.

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