Procurement Policy

In order to contribute to the emergence of a society committed to sustainability, we must accommodate the needs of society not only within our Group but also throughout the supply chain.
We therefore ask our suppliers to adhere to our Group Corporate Principles, Management Philosophy, and CSR initiatives and to support and accommodate our procurement policy. Our Group procures products and services according to the following seven policies.
Our Group procures products and services according to the following seven policies.

  • 1. Compliance
    We shall comply with all relevant laws and regulations as well as social norms both domestically and internationally.
  • 2. Human rights
    We shall respect human rights in all our corporate operations.
  • 3. Environmental protection
    We shall contribute to protection of the global environment through our purchasing operations.
  • 4. Fair and equitable trading opportunities
    We shall provide fair and equitable trading opportunities according to the principles of free competition both domestically and internationally.
  • 5. Partnerships
    We shall endeavor to establish bonds of trust and strengthen our relationships with our business partners in a spirit of shared prosperity.
  • 6. Health and safety
    We shall strive to prevent accidents and minimize the spread of infectious diseases while building a workplace environment in which all employees can work with greater peace of mind.
  • 7. Rejection of anti-social forces
    We shall reject any and all associations with anti-social forces and organizations.

PILLAR CSR Procurement Guidelines

We have established and implemented our CSR Procurement Guidelines encompassing our Procurement Policy and CSR Procurement Standard.
Please refer to Pillar CSR Procurement Guidelines for detailed policies and initiatives that our employees must adopt and adhere to when engaged in business dealings with our suppliers.

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