Group’s Core Competence

Nippon Pillar Group identifies its core competence as the source of unique value.
We will further develop our core competence to offer our stakeholders the value unique to the Group.

Core Competence Cultivated throughout the Company’s History of Almost 100 Years

With an integrated system from development of materials to product design, manufacturing, and evaluation, we have been striving to enhance our technological capabilities. In order to respond effectively to individual customer needs based on our expertise in fluid control, which is our core competence, we manufacture in house the key items that we require, including materials. In-house integrated production throughout processes is leading to higher-quality products.

Nippon Pillar Group’s Technology and Human Resources Underpin its Core Competence

  • Nippon Pillar Group’s Technology

    Nippon Pillar Group’s Technology

    The technology possessed by Nippon Pillar Group is embodied within a wide range of products that serve all customers across many markets. We intend to realize our full potential by adding new flagship segments to bolster our existing segments of electronic equipment and industrial equipment.
    Specifically, we are continuing our R&D of candidate technologies in 5G-related fields such as communication antenna substrates utilizing the characteristics of fluororesins, electric vehicles, and clean energy fields such as hydrogen utilizing our fluid leak prevention and control technology.

  • Nippon Pillar Group’s Human Resources

    Nippon Pillar Group’s Human Resources

    Nippon Pillar Group is vigorously promoting initiatives to support personal growth of each employee. We have strengthened support to complement our employees’ motivation to take up challenges and are promoting communication within and outside the Group to facilitate creativity. We are also promoting diversity, which is essential for the Group’s sustainable growth. Employees’ growth leads to the Group’s growth, creating a virtuous cycle.

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