Message from the President

Aiming at Higher Goals

I would like to express my appreciation to you, our shareholders and investors, for your continued support.

Ever since the founding of Nippon Pillar Packing in 1924, we have been committed to resolving social issues related to our principles of Clean, Safety, and Frontier.

As a result of continuous R&D of next-generation technologies and development of products and services as well as manufacturing technology throughout the company’s history of almost 100 years, our products are used in wide-ranging industrial fields. In recent years, we have been stepping up cultivation of the global market and offering solutions centering on fluid control in diverse fields in many countries.

Under BTvision22, our medium-term management plan (FY2020-2022), we are implementing measures to achieve the goals of the plan so as to further enhance corporate value. Moreover, in order to make a greater contribution to the emergence of a society committed to sustainability, we are strengthening initiatives to address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ESG.

Remaining true to our Corporate Principles, “Quality First, Cooperation and Harmony, Steady Research,” we will step up our efforts to both enhance corporate value and contribute to a sustainable society.

I would greatly appreciate your continued support and understanding.

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