Nippon Pillar Packing contributes to a clean environment through its business based on fluid control technology.

Sustainable Policy

Sustainable Policy

In accordance with the Corporate Principles and Management Philosophy of Nippon Pillar Group, we will contribute to the realization of a society committed to sustainability through our business and achieve sustainable enhancement of corporate value.

1 Contribution to the global environment through business
We will contribute to the creation of a flourishing global environment by being a source of innovative, high-quality products for society. We will also strive to reduce emissions of substances with environmental impacts in the course of business activities.

2 Responsibility and contribution to society
As a corporate citizen, we will contribute to the resolution of social issues. We will also aim to be an enterprise that continues to earn trust through dialogue with all stakeholders.

3 Strengthening of corporate governance
We will establish a robust corporate governance system to ensure compliance with the Group Code of Conduct and laws and regulations as the starting point of our business activities and to promote sound and transparent management.

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS 日本ピラー工業のミッションとSDGsへの取り組み「Clean・Safety・Frontier」
Sustainable Management

Nippon Pillar Packing’sESG/SDGs Management


Nippon Pillar Packing aims to contribute to a sustainable society through practice of its Corporate Principles, “Quality First, Cooperation and Harmony, Steady Research.” Inspired by our slogan, “Clean, Safety, and Frontier,” we are working to “create a future that supports society” In order to contribute to the resolution of social issues worldwide that are addressed by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), through our business activities we are promoting ESG/SDGs management by establishing a sustainable value chain.

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