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◆Wide range application

The Pillar Techno white gasket is a spiral wound gasket, in which the Pilaflon(R) porous soft tape (100% made of PTFE) is used for filler material, and the SUS304 is used for hoop and inner race/outer race.

Consequently, it assures the stabilized sealing performance for a long time to a wide range of fluid.

◆Excellent sealing performance

Since the flexible Pilaflon(R) soft tape(porous) is used for filler material, this gasket provides the excellent run-in performance against the flange surface as compared with the PTFE solid tape, the excellent air tightness even at low tightening pressure, and the excellent sealing performance even for gas base fluid.

◆Quick delivery system

Nippon Pillar will meet the customer's demand quickly by its "Quick delivery system", as the gaskets for flanges compatible to JIS and JPI(ANSI) are stocked as standard line-ups.

◆Unnecessary work procedure change

It is possible to execute the sealing in accordance with the same tightening control as that for asbestos base spiral wound gasket.

If the Pillar Techno white gasket is adopted, it becomes possible not only to disuse the asbestos, but also to improve the reliability in corrosion resisting application, Besides, this gasket will assure the excellent sealing performance even if it is tightened at low tightening pressure, as the Pilaflon(R) soft tape is used to the filler material. The standard line-ups will include the gaskets for piping flanges(JIS:10K-63K, JPI:150-900). The Pilaflon(R) soft tape is a porous white tape(100% made of PTFE) in which any impurity is contained. Since the tape provides the increased tensile strength, and is flexible, it assures the stabilized performance even for corrosive fluid.


・Working temperature range

 -200°C - +260°C

・Maximum working pressure

 Water base fluid:34.3MPa

 Gas base fluid:15.5MPa

・Minimum design tightening pressure


(For gas sealing, 39.2N/mm2 per unit projection area of seal)

・Gasket coefficient


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